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Date Nights Or Church? Can't Do Both, Apparently.

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The Obama family has decreed that it is unable to attend a Washington, D.C. church because it would be too disruptive for them to go.  They have apparently decided, instead, to attend a nondenominational service when they are at Camp David, MD.

On the other hand, it does not seem to create any problems when they decide to go on a "date night" in New York City.

This does not square up in my mind.  If it is too disruptive to go to church on a Sunday morning, even a block away from the White House, how does it somehow make more sense to go on a "date" in mid-town Manhattan on a Friday night?  Does that not disrupt far more lives than simply going to church on Sunday morning as do many of the citizens of the country they "rule"?  When did the Obamas last decide to not do something because it would inconvenience citizens?  I don't recall when that was.  A trip to the ice cream shop in Arlington, VA. works quite nicely.

We have a "first family" that claim they are "believers" and yet they do not follow the proscribed things that true believers do, even though they could make the simple decision to do so with secret service protection.

I would be attending church every Sunday, and maybe more often, if I were elected to be President of the United States.  I would welcome the help of the Lord.

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