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Overnight Massacre

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There was an overnight massacre in Madison last evening.  The Joint Finance Committee met behind closed doors discussing, and passing, the majority of items that hadn't yet been discussed by the committee.

The legislature has, for its own reasons, removed itself from the open meeting laws that prevail for our villages and cities and counties. It did that so that it could do exactly what it did last night.  The majority, Democrats, knew, full well, what they were up to, and they knew, full well, that the vast majority of the state's citizens wouldn't be paying attention.

Among the things that have now been approved, and that will be sent to the full legislature sometime between now and June 1st, are significant increases in your costs of automobile insurance caused by the combination of an increase in the minimum coverage levels and by the new "joint and several liability" rules that prescribe that if you are at least 20% at fault, you can be tasked to pay 100% of the damages if you're the only one with deep pockets.  That will also curtail or end ski hills, and snowmobiling across private property and hunting on private lands, and on and on and on.

Virtually everything we buy, including necessities, will be increased in price.  Localities may well be forced into untenable positions meaning that significant cutbacks and/or property tax increases can be on the immediate horizon.

This overnight massacre included the final approvals of a 7% increase in state spending in the face of a recession that has, and will continue, to reduce state tax revenue collections.  While trumpeting the "huge" cuts that were made, the Democrats have actually positioned us to end up in even worse shape for the next biennium than we are in at the end of this biennium.

All of this can be placed squarely at the feet of the Democrat-controlled Senate, the Democrat-controlled Assembly and the Democrat Governor, Jim Doyle.  These are the results of an electorate that decided, in the voting booth, to give the Democrat party the absolute control over their lives for at least the next two years.  The "at least" phrase in the last sentence is intentional since redistricting comes up again in 2010, and the controlling party will certainly gerrymander the voting district boundaries to its benefit.

Maybe we have learned another lesson that will last for a few years; or, maybe not.  At any rate, we are in the process of getting what we voted to get last time around.  And, we got it in the dark of night behind closed doors.

By the way, the Democrats have a golf outing this morning at 9:30AM so they can collect some more money for their campaign coffers.  It truly has been "open season" on the electorate; and, this is just the beginning since we have similar issues confronting us from Washington where the Democrats also control everything.

It is simply not healthy to give control to a single political party; the "check and balance" theory goes out the window.  Neither party can be trusted with total control; they simply seem unable to help themselves, and thus they damage us because they only know "spending", not "saving".  They only know how to "take" our money in evermore novel ways, while they use verbal obfuscation to make us think otherwise.

This is pure, unadulterated Bull feces!


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