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Long Week-End Didn't Help Taxes

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The Joint Finance Committee didn't do much to help over the week-end when it met in Madison.  Having had the benefit of the week-end to hide its moves, the committee, on the party line vote of 12 Democrats to 4 Republicans in nearly every instance, still insists on costing you and me more.

It did move the minimum government contribution trigger point at which the Prevailing Wage law takes effect.  The new limit was increased to $1 million of government money or in-kind assistance.  That means that things such as the Germantown Kiwanis Band Shell project probably won't be adversely impacted, but it also means that many local and regional development projects will be hit.  It doesn't take much of a project to pass the million dollar mark in TIF districts, for example.  The Prevailing Wage law requires that contractors pay the prevailing wage which is typically the union wage for all workers.  Not only will there be fewer such projects, but those that do go forward will carry a higher price tag than would've otherwise been the case.  School districts will be especially hard hit if the residents approve spending measures.

There seems little will on the part of the ruling party, the Democrats, to cut expenditures; they seem intent, instead, on increasing the costs of being a citizen of Wisconsin.

There will come a point beyond which citizens will simply be unable to continue to live and work in our state.  There will be a continuing "brain drain" and there will be a continuing exodus of those who pay the most taxes because they can afford to leave.

That message seems lost in Madison these days.


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