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GTA Job Actions Reported...

The Germantown Teachers Association, true to its threats, is engaging in various job actions to demonstrate its displeasure with the most recent contract settlement.  Germantown's school administration and board have made every effort to avoid cutting positions as has been decided in Menomonee Falls and Mequon, but the GTA seems not to be concerned about reductions in teachers and accompanying increases in class size.

The actions are certainly within the scope of their contract, but it seems that the actions are beyond the bounds of good taste, example for students and good public relations. The GTA leadership appears to believe that it has the support of a majority of parents, and that these actions will somehow result in a better deal being cut by the district. 

Among the actions are these:

~~6th grade teachers boycotting the parent orientation for incoming 5th graders

~~MacArthur newsletters to parents being scrapped because they were deemed "extracurricular"

~~graduating Kennedy Middle School students being denied a bus trip and day at Great America as has become the custom due to teachers refusing to participate

~~wearing of buttons and shirts in protest, and use of signs proclaiming "office hours"

I am hearing from parents that are far less supportive of the GTA members as the result of these job actions.

If you are a parent of a student in the Germantown system, does this kind of behavior make you more or less favorably disposed toward the GTA position?


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