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Village Buzz - May 1st

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SEWRPC Delays Yet Again...

Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi wrote to SEWRPC earlier this week to reiterate his desire that Germantown, along with other suburban communities, receive the money that had originally been approved at the state level for their shovel-ready projects.

SEWRPC met yesterday and I understand there was a reasonably large contingent representing both the Village of Germantown and Washington County in attendance.

Mayor Barrett again tried to get the lion's share of the funds that had been designated for this area pleading that Milwaukee was poorer than the suburbs.  There is a real question in my mind as to Milwaukee's "shovel-ready" project status.  If they are truly not shovel-ready, as I suspect, then they ought not be receiving any of these funds, let alone the "lion's share".

Rather than to deal with these issues in open session, Kenneth Yunker, the Executive Director of SEWRPC, delayed the decision-making process saying that he would have the SEWRPC staff pull together differing alternatives using various formulas, as had been pleaded by Barrett.  A decision is now expected next week.

At least one of those in attendance, Washington County Supervisor Peter Sorce, felt this was simply a political move to avoid further discussion and that Germantown would get the funds originally designated at the state level.  Sorce lauded Secretary Busalacchi for having restated the position of the state even though Barrett had been lobbying for a greater share for Milwaukee.

Germantown may well be getting the short end of the stick, so far, simply because it was lumped together with River Hills whose household income average is $455,187 contrasted with that of Germantown at $63,583.  Milwaukee's average household income is pegged at $33,225 and it is that statistic that Barrett is trying to use as his wedge issue.

Once again, we have to remind ourselves that we have no votes on the 19 person planning committee of SEWRPC, but there is some power behind Busalacchi's reiteration of what he would desire.  Our elected officials have gone to bat for the village.  Time will tell.


Kennedy Middle School Series

Anecdotal stories about issues at Kennedy Middle School continue to find their way to me.  I intend to write a blog or two or three about these issues and would appreciate any citizen input, either pro or con.  You can e-mail that to me at  If you desire to be an "anonymous" contributor, please indicate that in your e-mail.


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