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Jefferson Davis is a longtime resident of Menomonee Falls. He is the proud parent of two wonderful boys. He enjoys singing, volunteering, reading, gardening, politics, antiques, history, guitar, violin, piano, officiating, helping neighbors and yard work. He served as Village President of Menomonee Falls from 2003-05. He is a member of Northbrook Church and serves on the Advisory Council for the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center. He is an independent registered representative practicing in the areas of insurance, investments and retirement.

Cloud Hovers Over Integrity of Menomonee Falls Election

Election Integrity

Integrity of Menomonee Falls Election Remains in Doubt

With the exposure of deliberate, rampant and unprecedented voter fraud being revealed throughout America with direct ties and alliances to the Democrat Party and the Obama Presidential Campaign, specifically in at least 13 states including Wisconsin, The Vanguard has been trying for quite some time now to get the Menomonee Falls Village Clerk to assure citizens that our election process is safe, secure, honest and protected.

For whatever reason, the Village Clerk refuses to assure citizens the safety of our election and instead has the Village Manager write letter(s) at taxpayer's expense for the Clerk saying she is, "...too busy."

Too busy to make sure elections are safe in Menomonee Falls when it's your job to do so? 

There are numerous examples of voter fraud in the Falls from 2004 and possibly many others since then, but that will not be known for sure until the Village Clerk comes clean on a number of election matters required of the Clerk's Office by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), which as of now is totally unclear and uncertain if the Village Clerk is following federal law as part of a lawsuit filed against the Government Accountability Board (GAB) by Attorney General Van Hollen ( or is the Clerk's Office deliberately choosing not to follow federal law to protect the integrity of our elections with the verification of voter registrations.

What a shame.

Why would an appointed public official possibly and potentially deliberately choose not to follow federal election law that was passed and required to be implemented by the United States Government for several years now?  It's not because of time, money or resources.  The Clerk's Office has many employees, state of the art equipment and an annual budget of at least $500,000 at the taxpayer's expense to perform their duties.  The Clerk's Office has known or should have known about HAVA, as part of their job duties, the voter verification requirements for at least 5-6 years.  

Our forefathers were willing to sacrifice their all to break away from a suppressive government, to have freedom and liberty for all, individual property rights, to have a free market capitalist society and to worship the God of their choice and not be subject to a state run religion.

One of the reasons for their sacrifice was to have free, open and honest elections as well as prosecuting and punishing those who violated election law.

How disappointed and frustrated our forefathers would be to see what has happened to their democracy and country with the voter fraud that is currently being promulgated and openly practiced in America with apparently very little concern from democrats, the mainstream media and various election officials.  

Voter Fraud is Rampant Throughout America with Direct Alliances to Democrat Party and Obama Campaign

The following are just a few of the many examples that exist of voter fraud throughout America and in Wisconsin:

The Vanguard believes that everyone who is a legal citizen of America and is legally registered to vote, should legally vote.

This is not about voter suppression, but is about maintaining the integrity and safety of our election process in a democracy with proper oversight and accountability by  government election officials who are paid very handsomely to do so as part of their job responsibilities.

Village Clerk Apparently has a History With Election Law and Personality Conflicts

The Vanguard has written extensively about the Clerk's Office ( and and the numerous questions that remain involving numerous issues.

It's not necessary to rehash all of those issues, but some of the issues that still remain are as follows and may explain why the Village Clerk won't answer questions to assure the integrity of our election:

  • Government Accountability Board (GAB) cites Clerk on numerous State Election Law provisions in 2008 involving her false claims against only one campaign.
  • Government Accountability Board admonishes Clerk for not knowing State Election Law as part of her job responsibilities in 2008 by giving out incorrect information involving only one campaign.
  • Village Clerk threatens to sue an individual when the GAB information was made public by having Attorney Paul Bucher, former Waukesha County DA who lost to AG Van Hollen in the 2006 September Primary by a very wide margin (60%-40%), write a nasty letter to the individual that hopefully was not at the taxpayer's expense. 
  • Village Clerk costs Menomonee Falls taxpayers an extra $3,000 in unnecessary outside consulting fees for elections each year because she went against the recommendations of the entire County to have her own polling machines apparently due to a personality conflict with the County Clerk that she lost to in the 2002 Primary Clerk Race by a 62%-38% margin.  The new voting machines were part of HAVA paid for again by the taxpayers.
  • Village Clerk files numerous complaints with Waukesha County DA against only one campaign when other campaigns have done the same thing wasting taxpayer's time, money and resources with the same result each time, nothing.  Clerk is required to contact campaigns first with questions but continued to violate State Election Law as outlined to her from the GAB.
  • Village Clerk's Office runs up a legal bill of $20,000-$30,000 at the taxpayer's expense for frivolous and unfounded complaints against an elected official  that were totally dismissed.  The Village Clerk continued to try and destroy the elected official at taxpayer's expense months after the official was no longer in office.
  • Village Clerk's Office disenfranchised some 60-80 voters in the 2004 Assembly Primary in a very close race because the wrong ballots were handed out to voters that resulted in a 184 vote victory margin out of thousands of votes that were cast.
  • Several outside groups registered voters in 2004 with a number of documented irregularities being brought to the attention of the Village Clerk that apparently weren't dealt with as is required by State Law with the DA of Waukesha County.
  • The 2004 documented irregularities involved lack of verification registration information, forged signature(s), false names on list with various addresses, voters not living at the address they were registered at, non-existent voters, forms being returned with addressee unknown, etc.
  • According to the Clerk's Office, some 400 new registrations came in in 2004 with 250 letters having to be sent out to verify their identity when it would have been so much simpler and more affordable to verify the registration forms before the outside groups left Village Hall.
  • Is the Clerk's Office in compliance with HAVA Law as is required to verify voter registration information or are people being allowed to register and possibly illegally vote without being legally verified?
  • Have additional outside groups registered people to vote since 2004?  If so, are they legally registered?  How many?  Any irregular ties?  Have they been reported to the DA's Office?
  • Are the voter lists being purged every four (4) years as is required by State Law?
  • Are post card verification notices being sent out as may have been done in 2004?

It is the duty and responsibility of appointed and elected officials to uphold the law for elections.  With such widespread abuse and fraud, it would be nice to know if Menomonee Falls is being protected in our elections.

This is not a difficult or challenging process.  It's very simple.

The taxpayers have given the Clerk's Office many employees, a some $500,000 a year budget, state of the art equipment and all of the support that is needed to perform these simple tasks.

The major and overriding concern of honest and responsible voters is that dishonest people are allowed to vote illegally no matter what once their names are entered into the data base of the voting rolls. 

In many cases, this cancels the vote of the honest and good voter. 

Even if they are caught with a discrepancy, they still get a provisional ballot in most cases to vote until the matter is resolved.

It is virtually impossible to catch someone voting illegally once they are in the data base because of unmarked ballots.

That is why it is so important and critical for Election Clerk's to do their job upfront and follow the HAVA Law so that these problems could be avoided to maintain the integrity of our elections while saving the taxpayers a lot of time, money and resources.

Wouldn't it be nice if we simply had honest and honorable people and organizations who upfront truly believed in our democracy and the privilege to vote instead of wasting all of the taxpayer's time, money and resources on lazy and dishonest people at the end?

Mark Belling Show Documents More Voter Fraud

Mark had a listener to his program who recently documented that absentee ballot requests were being sent to his 98 year old grandmother who was residing in an area nursing home in a compromised state of mind.

The return address for the absentee ballot requests was none other than that of the Obama Presidential Campaign on Appleton Avenue in Milwaukee. 

The grandmother didn't even live in Milwaukee.

Get the picture?

Can you say, Cook County?  Chicago?

Can't the Obama Campaign prey on someone else besides 98 year old compromised grandmothers in nursing homes for illegal votes?

A Menomonee Falls caller to the program told Mark that his deceased wife of four (4) years had been receiving numerous notices for absentee ballot requests with a return address from an organization that he was unsure of on Appleton Avenue.

The caller stated he was a poll worker in Menomonee Falls and asked the Clerk's Office what was up.

The Clerk's Office said the organizations were working from an old list.


Are you serious?

How about just telling the gentleman we will have your deceased wife's name removed immediately from all lists?

Really, is it too much to ask for such simple things?

Has the voter list been purged in the last four (4) years as is required by State Law?

What can you do about voter fraud?

If you are as concerned about voter fraud, as many people are becoming due to the epidemic breakout, please contact the Village Clerk, Village Manager, Village Attorney, Village Board or Waukesha County DA to make sure our elections are being protected.

This is their contact information:

The Vanguard has seen at least two legitimate absentee ballot notices.  If you suspect any voter fraud irregularities, please report it to protect our elections in Menomonee Falls.

Be sure to vote on November 4th.

The Village has limited voting information on their website (

A much better site to find your polling places and to have simple voting questions answered, is the State of Wisconsin ( and

It would be so simple to have the Village link the State's websites to the Village's website, but that would make too much sense.   

Hopefully the Clerk's Office will eventually answer some basic questions about the integrity of our elections.

Updates and Follow-ups

School Superintendent

The school superintendent has offered to meet with The Vanguard to review the requested documents involving numerous school district personnel matters with students and the apparent inconsistent disciplinary actions for staff depending on their position and established friendships and relationships within the district.

Hopefully the husband/wife veteran administrator/teaching team at the high school and their issues will come to light so the community will know what has been going on and what was done by the superintendent.

Valley View Elementary to Close

The Vanguard has known of this for sometime, but it's hard to believe when we were lead as a community as recently as 36 months ago by the school administration and school board that we absolutely needed new schools and facilities because of rising enrollment projections.

What happened you ask?

We were mislead.

Enrollment projections are actually dropping rapidly.

Take away the K-4 program from area daycare centers and the numbers would be staggeringly low.  Numbers that haven't been seen since the 80's and 90's.

Thank goodness the new $10 million elementary was not built in 2004 and the taxpayers voted it down (60%-40%).  Otherwise, we might be looking at closing the new school or selling even more empty schools (

The Vanguard is looking into what the cost of installing air conditioning was at Valley View just last year.  A figure of $1 million comes to mind. 

Fire Department Personnel Rumblings

The Vanguard is in the process of confirming with the Fire Chief the unfortunate and questionable release of a very likable and respected 19 year veteran of the Fire Department in favor of keeping two Shift Supervisors with apparent questionable and perhaps unresolved matters.

The suggested reason for the 19 year veteran's dismissal was "budget cuts".

We will let you know.

The Fire Chief is retiring soon.

Let's make sure we keep the best personnel we can for the safety and protection of our community and not just the favorites of some.

Old Falls Village 

A ton of taxpayer's money ($50,000-$100,000) was stuck into the Miller Davidson House at Old Falls Village in 2003-04 as part of a renovation project of the home.

The Old Falls Village Director, whose nearly $50,000 part-time salary was incurred by the taxpayers, was suppose to raise the money for the restoration of the home to match a grant, but came up way short and jeopardized the entire program until the taxpayers came through once again to bail out the project.

Part of the restoration project was to build a handicap accessible ramp to get into the house.

When driving by the house over the weekend, the entire ramp that was just built a few years ago was being completely replaced.

Trustee Jeff Steliga was in charge of this project and The Vanguard will attempt to get some answers from him as to what happened and how much did the ramp replacement cost the taxpayers.

Big Pig Gig

The Chamber Director has promised the numbers from the 2008 Big Pig Gig after the committee meets.  2007 numbers should be available now and we will continue to ask for them.

We will get you the 2008 numbers when they are made available by the Chamber.

We have learned that taxpayers gave the Chamber a ton of money through a grant program with the State of Wisconsin ( in 2007 and will provide you with the details when the Chamber gets backs to us. 

Knodl Campaign Violations

No word yet from the District Attorneys of Waukesha and Ozaukee County on the Knodl Campaign Violations.

Hopefully something will come out before the November Election.

$42 Million Taxpayer Bailout of Village Board 

A number of readers provided The Vanguard with new information about the shameful and avoidable $700 Billion Federal Government Bailout caused by the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Please take time to check these out.  They are very disturbing, especially since this whole mess could have been avoided:

The same will happen with the taxpayers of Menomonee Falls and the $42 million Village Hall, Library and Police Station Municipal Facilities Fund unless the voters require the Village Board to keep their 2000-03 "no taxpayer money pledge" to pay for these facilities (

The Vanguard is simply asking for four things with this bailout:

  1. Waste Management picks up the entire $42 million Municipal Facilities Fund tab as promised by the Village Board in 2000-03 (
  2. Waste Management picks up our garbage for free until the dump closes instead of taxing homeowners $1.2 million a year as other communities all across America have done with corporations who stand to make millions/billions for domiciling their business in the respective communities.
  3. Village Board needs to get a part of Waste Management's methane gas selling rights to WE Energies that supplies enough energy for 15,000 area homes.
  4. Assuming the average household pays $2,000 a year for energy costs, that's $30 million that WE Energies collects from the 15,000 homeowners.  Shouldn't the taxpayers get some of that for being stuck with the dump forever when it is closed?

Remember, Waste Management ( had over $13 billion in gross revenues and netted over $1.1 billion for 2007.

Is it really too much to have the Village Board work out a deal that will benefit our community financially now that the buildings have been built and the debt is due?

Let the Village Board know how you feel ( by contacting them.

Falls Cable Access

The Vanguard has a request in to Falls Cable Access for information about their 2005-07 tax returns involving penalties, fees, surplus, costs, etc. at the taxpayer's expense.

We will let you know what we come up with.

Police Chief

The Vanguard has been invited to meet with the Police Department to review documents involving the computer programs that aren't working.

We will let you know what we find out.

Next week...we'll have to see.


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