Ted Klumb is a Commercial and Residential Real Estate agent with First Weber and CEO/Founder of TKOR, LLC property management ( He lives and works in Menomonee Falls, is a graduate of UWM, and is married with two children. Ted is also a former member of the Menomonee Falls School Board, a faith development music teacher, and musician who’s enthusiasm far exceeds his talent.

WannaBe Village President Quickly Hustles Voters Before Election


A perennial candidate for Village President who shall remain shameless tried, unsuccessfully, to besmirch the good name of. Rick Rechlicz. Rick Rechlicz is our current and outgoing Village President of Menomonee Falls.

I don't know Mr. Rechlicz personally but I do know when I had questions or issues with the Village he was easy to access and always provided a straight and pragmatic answer. We didn't always agree but at least I understood his reasoning.

Things were rather fractious and in disarray when he took over and that appears to have ended on his watch. As per my usual method of operation, I like to look at the results rather than the personality.

Under Mr. Rechlicz's watch, a new Village Manager was hired and by all indications, it appears to be a very good choice. The Village Manager should be the one running the Village and the board should provide oversight, guidance and hold the manager accountable. That seems to be the case these days.

Among Commercial Real Estate brokers, of which I am one, Menomonee Falls had a reputation of being a rather tough place to locate a business. This reputation came from clients trying to develop in the Falls, who moved out of the Falls, or tried to move into the Falls. That reputation has improved over the last few years during Rick's tenure and we are beginning to see the benefits of our improved reputation.

Among Real Estate Lawyers that I meet around SE Wisconsin, Mr. Rechlicz has an excellent professional reputation within his own profession among those who work on tile law, and other real estate related matters. This is from a group who is not always quick to praise, but never shy about pointing out disreputable members of the profession to avoid.

Among the Trustees that I have spoken with, every one has made it a point to mention that Rick runs a fair meeting and gives everyone a fair shake. That isn't glamorous, it is just good leadership.

Like many elected officials, Rick probably lost money serving Menomonee Falls when he could have used that time building his practice. The same is true when it comes to family time, only that is something you can't make up by working harder.

Rick, in my opinion, you did a job well done. Thank you from a grateful citizen.

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