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High Tech Job Loss Brewing


No announcement has been made as to where the headquarters will be located when the merger between SAB/Miller and Coors/Molsen is approved by the Feds. My prediction, dating back to December 07, will be Colorado. I wish it were not so, but that won’t make it so.



The announcement will probably be similar to GE’s when they moved their GE Medical world headquarters to the UK from Waukesha while they pretended to move it to Wauwatosa.  I will bet you didn’t even know that: 
Southeast Wisconsin did lose the bragging rights to being GE Healthcare's headquarters last year. After General Electric Co.'s acquisition of Amersham PLC, the headquarters was moved to Chalfont St. Giles - a city near London.”

JSOnline Oct. 29, 2005


Every state is trying to be “Thee Biotech State” or the “Pharmaceutical Capitol” of the U.S. because the moniker implies high tech, high paying jobs. Wisconsin’s leaders declared they want this title. While the “goal” sounds good, is it a realistic?


I want to be the starting power forward for the Milwaukee Bucks in 2008. Even though I am over 50, under 5’8’’ and never played college basketball, my goal is more realistic than Wisconsin’s.  


Many do not realize that Brewing is a high tech industry. Miller Brewing had a world class technical center in which there were over 35 PhDs in areas such as microbiology, cereal chemistry, protein chemistry, foam chemistry, etc. It had more PhDs than any other non-medical or non-educational institution in Wisconsin. Pabst and Schlitz also had significant research facilities. The industry also paid good wages and benefits to the line workers and provided many executive positions like accounting, IT, legal, and marketing.   


Hundreds of S.E. Wisconsin companies are/were vendors to Miller Brewing-including mine.


Wisconsin was the brewing capital of the U.S. but things change and brewing dispersed. No effort was made to save it or replace it. Brewing wasn't high tech enough.


There are plenty of opportunities for Wisconsin to be the capital of something else. Paper and printing are good examples. While it doesn’t create the buzz as being the Pharma Capital it is infinitely more sensible, realistic, and achievable. 



Maybe someday we will have a Governor who can lead companies into Wisconsin instead of filing lawsuits against them. Until that day, we will be known as the “Moving Van State” moving corporations out of Wisconsin. 

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