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The Cost of Compassion



Who has not been touched by the death of a pregnant mother and school administrator, her unborn baby, and her daughter? People overuse the word tragedy to describe many things. This truly was a tragedy. A verdict will soon tell us if it was murder. Maybe Mark Benson will get another chance.


Charity is not charity if you give with other people’s money, resources, or at other’s expense. Charity is giving of yourself, the money you have earned or the money and/or time you could spend on yourself but choose to give to improve the lives of others.


Compassion has a price, and I do not mean money. Do we automatically offer compassion because it is right or because it makes us feel and look noble? People often write “compassion checks” on someone else’ account and take the credit for being noble.


Apparently people wrote Mark Benson multiple “compassionate checks” long before he went out driving without a valid license. 



Who paid the price for this compassion?


Was it worth the cost?


Note: The laws in this state are too weak for multiple offenders and people who drive without a valid license. The judge did what he felt was fair but even the maximum sentence would not have prevented ths tragedy.

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