Ted Klumb is a Commercial and Residential Real Estate agent with First Weber and CEO/Founder of TKOR, LLC property management ( He lives and works in Menomonee Falls, is a graduate of UWM, and is married with two children. Ted is also a former member of the Menomonee Falls School Board, a faith development music teacher, and musician who’s enthusiasm far exceeds his talent.

Sunset on "The Ranch"


There are many things that make a community unique and special, but you never realize how few of them there really are until one goes away.

 Today "The Ranch" in Menomonee Falls became one that went away.

 "The Ranch" was a wonderful place, run by wonderful people, that did wonderful things for kids. For the rest of us it was a great place to visit while on a bike ride and expose our kids to animals, rural life and people dedicated to helping the less fortunate.

I don't know what will ultimately happen to the property. The folks at Curative Care Network have helped thousands of kids and will continue to do so. They said it was a financial decision. That is not true. It was a financial reality and they had to make a very hard decision so they could continue their overall mission of providing the best care for as many people as possible. Sometimes there are no good decisions to be made. Sometimes you are forced to choose between bad and worse.

Sometimes it is hard to be in the helping people profession.

Good bye Ranch. May you continue to serve people in new ways.



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