I am a Grandma?

If you are confused and alarmed by these words, you can't imagine how I felt when I heard them!  But, let me clarify.  My little guy was invited by his classroom teacher to take home some critters that were part of their science labs.  We could choose either a Beetle or a Guppy fish.  We chose the beetle.  Being a former science teacher I had quite the little home available for this beetle!  However, the beetles were in hot demand and my son decided that he was SURE that mom and dad wouldn't mind a guppy fish instead.  His teacher (who is simply amazing) decided that because Andrew was so unselfish he could have not just one guppy fish but FIVE.  Whoopee!  How exciting (for him).  So, we pulled out the big 10 gallon fish tank and cleaned all the gravel and installed the filter and now the five little guppy fish were living in the Taj Mahal of habitats.  But wait, that one guppy looks AWFULLY round in the belly?  Needless to say, she got bigger every day and Andrew informed us that her "black spot" meant she was going to have babies. 

And did we ever have babies!  17 little fish to be exact!  Andrew was screaming from his room "Babies!  Babies!  Mom, I'm a daddy!"  Whoa.  I hope that those words will not be ones I hear again for 20 years or so.  Andrew looked at me with a serious face and said "Mom, that means you are a Grandma".  I think not!  But I smiled and nodded and ignored my own vanity. 

The Zakula house now contains one silly golder retriever, two fuzzy guinea pigs, and 22 guppy fish and one... Grandma.  I think Andrew will be studying frogs and turtles during the second semester.  I'll take my 22 guppy fish...thank you very much.

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