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Remember to vote tomorrow, Tuesday, for the several offices that are found on the ballot depending upon where you live in the village.  Those races appear as follow:

District 1 Trustee:

Terri Kaminski versus Bill Steitz

District 2 Trustee:

Daniel Wing versus incumbent James Langer

District 3 Trustee:

Incumbent Al Vanderheiden versus Dennis Myers

District 4 Trustee:

Incumbent Art Zabel running unopposed


School Board:

At-Large Seat 1:

Jayson Stemo versus  Kim Fischer

At-Large Seat 7:

Incumbent Tom Bowe versus Erin Jex


Washington County:

Mid-Moraine Municipal Court Judge:

Incumbent John Grundahl versus Steve Cain


State of Wisconsin:

Supreme Court:

Incumbent Shirley Abrahamson versus Randy Koschnick

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Rose Fernandez versus Tony Evers


Your vote will count for more on Tuesday than it often does due to the expected very low turn-out.  Our village has important decisions confronting the voters.  The Mid-Moraine court race has been spirited.  The supreme court race could be surprising given the distinct conservative challenger to the long-time chief justice, and the race for superintendent is probably closer than anyone would've expected a couple of months ago.  Two school board seats are in play with at least one new face guaranteed.  And, all but one of the trustee races is contested.

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