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All Are Equal; But Some Are More Equal

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Mayor Tom Barrett has whined sufficiently to get the stimulus money for road and bridge improvements in Germantown removed and given, instead, to Milwaukee.  This fiat was accomplished by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC).  The $7.5 million that had been allocated to River Hills and Germantown is now back in Barrett's pocket and those of us in Republican-represented districts are out in the cold.

Think politics had nothing to do with this?  Think again.  Think we're all not being reminded just how much it costs us when we persist in the folly of electing those whom we want as our representatives even though they may not be solid Democrats?  Think again.  Think we are not being treated as political pawns by our esteemed Governor Jim Doyle?  Think again.  Think you'll become a Democrat so you can get some stimulus money to help repair our roads?  Only if you are willing to roll over and play dead as too many citizens already have.

Where is Vice President Joe Biden who's job it is, apparently, to oversee the proper spending of these funds?  Nowhere to be found when it might do some good; but, he'd probably just come to Milwaukee and find some way to ridicule Germantown.

This sickens me because we are always sucking the rearmost teat whenever there is a debate about Southeast Wisconsin or Milwaukee or both.  Our Germantown taxpayer money is great if it is intended to pay for the MATC, or the stadium or road repairs in Milwaukee.  We are supposed to be gung ho about transit projects and light rail and high speed rail even though the benefits to us are somewhere between too little and nothing.

Germantown has tried its best to live within its means over the past few years by deferring road repairs and other nice-to-have things.  The citizens, by in large, have been supportive of this belt-tightening.  This is what we get in return for trying to be fiscally responsible.  This should teach us!

SEWRPC ought to be ashamed.  Mayor Barrett ought to be ashamed.  And, Senator Darling and Representative Knodl ought to be furious about this even though they have little standing in the current legislature since they are Republican.

Finally, we should develop a very long institutional memory and play the same childish games at every turn when we're tasked to give more money to the people who simply squander it and return for more the next biennium.  This worm always turns; and. when it is our turn again, we need to drive our point home and get as much money as we can get even if we have to make up excuses for how it'll be used.  Have we no backbone?  Are we simply a bunch of losers that can be trod upon time and again?

Is this our reward for playing fair?

Was Germantown represented during these "deliberations" or were we even aware they were being conducted?  Maybe Dave Schornack can shed some light for us all.  Was Washington County involved in these discussions? 

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