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State Same-Sex Partner Health Care

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Governor Doyle has again brought forward his proposal for health care benefits to be provided to the same sex partners of state employees.  This is included in his budget and, since the Democrats control both the senate and the assembly, it is very likely to become law.

This is wrong on several levels. 

He has not even tried to provide a cost estimate, meaning he doesn't really care about the cost.  The best estimate comes from the City of Madison (why doesn't that surprise you?) which estimates that its similar benefit costs about $4,487 per year for each of the 39 workers making use of this benefit.  There will be many more than 39 that will opt to use the state's benefits.  The University system alone will probably produce hundreds, if not thousands, of same sex partners.

There is no legal definition of a same sex partner.  How is the state to know if this is a partnership of "convenience" in order to provide someone with a significant illness or disease with coverage at taxpayers' expense?

There is no idea, at this point, as to how much this nicety is going to cost, and in these times of severe budget strain, one would think that even Governor Doyle would try to appear concerned.

The idea flies in the face of the vast majority of voters in the state.

Republicans have managed to beat this idea down each time it has been exposed, but that is not going to be possible this year unless some Democrats stand tall and go against their party's leader.

What can you do about this?  Number one: you can remember this when you go to the polling places for the next statewide elections.  Number two: you can let the Governor's office know that you do not approve, especially in such economic conditions.

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