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After QEO...Do We All Just Get Along?

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What will it be like after the QEO program is killed?

Well, it will mean that arbitration/mediation will become the big stage in this ongoing drama.  School boards typically lose in this process.  That means that teachers usually win in this process.

How will it play out?

One community will, for whatever reason, settle for an increase of, let's say 8%.  Then, the next community will try to settle for 4% or 5%.  An impasse occurs and the arbitration/mediation process is invoked.  That leads to a "settlement" that is deemed fair...the teachers are awarded 7% or 8% since the neighboring community led the way and we have to be fair, after all.  If we don't pay that level, we'll lose the best teachers to the other system.

This leapfrog process continues over the years and that leads to ever-increasing settlements as community is played against community.

Is there ever enough money for anyone?  Hardly ever.  If I get a raise of 2% and I learn that someone else received 5%, I am not happy.  If I get a 2% raise this year, I expect at least a 2% raise next year and really want 3% or 4% or 5%; after all, inflation is sapping my purchasing power.  Even Warren Buffett doesn't have enough money.

If this would assure that we had a Lake Wobegone where "all the kids are above average", maybe it would be worth the cost.  But there is no Lake Wobegone; it simply doesn't exist.  We will pay more and more, but we will not receive more and more as the result.

There is no end to what is about to be reinstated in Wisconsin...unless "binding" arbitration is knocked down for good.  That is why the Cedarburg situation was and is so important.  Remember the teacher who was suspended for viewing unsavory things on his school computer?  He was reinstated with a slap on the wrist by a mediator.  The school board said "NO!"  WEAC immediately sued since the word "binding" in binding arbitration forms the bedrock for their movement.  This has seemingly gone its route, but remember that there is a very sympathetic group of Democrats in control in Madison.  Don't think for a moment that this isn't on the WEAC radar scope, and don't think for a moment that the Democrats don't remember "who's their daddy".

This is one good example of why elections are important.  Our choices have outcomes, and we don't always like what our action or inaction brings us. 

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