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Pat T Cakes...

I received a question from a former Menomonee Falls blogger about what had happened to her favorite 'cake place'.  It seems she had stopped where Pat T Cakes used to be only to find it closed.  She was very sad, and being a reader of this blog, thought she'd ask if I had any idea as to whether or not the owner was still in the business.

This is probably "old news", if there is such a thing, to many of you, but for those who might've had the same question, here is the story as I understand it from friends who know.

The owner/operator of Pat T Cakes, Patti, found it impossible to continue her business given rising costs, etc.  She made the decision to close her bakery operation, and apparently disappointed a lot of customers who had come to enjoy her products.

Patti is employed by the Sendik's Food Market here in Germantown and is practicing her art form in their bakery.  She no doubt has a loyal following who already knew this, but for those of you, like me, who didn't know that her services were still available, now you know.  I was told by a Sendik's employee yesterday that the bakery in Sendik's takes special orders and that Patti is there to handle your needs.

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