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Who Is Gwen Ifill & Is She Biased?

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The debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin on Thursday evening is scheduled to be hosted by Public Television's Gwen Ifill.

It has just been disclosed that Ms. Ifill is a supporter of Barack Obama and has a new book titled "The Breakthrough" scheduled to be released in January, 2009 at about the time our new President will be sworn in to his position.  The book promotes Barack Obama and other black politicians who have benefited from the civil rights movement.  It contends that the civil rights movement, and the black political structure that resulted, has cleared the way to permit an Obama to ascend to the presidency.

Does it seem to you, as it does to me, that her selection as moderator of the debate between the two candidates for Vice President provides us with a biased moderator?

This is yet another example of how the media is stacked against conservatives, and I find it a telling indictment of that very media for allowing something this obvious to be permitted.

The classic question we conservatives have learned to ask is this:  If this were a news person who had written a book lauding John McCain, would he or she be selected to moderate this debate?

The answer which simply doesn't vary no matter the question is:  No way!

Will there be some disclosure in the public interest prior to the debate?  Not likely unless provoked by one or the other of the candidates.  I have read elsewhere that some are encouraging Sarah Palin to point this out at the beginning of the debate in a gentle manner at least to have it on the record.

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