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Van Hollen Election Lawsuit...

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The Wisconsin Attorney General finally brought legal action against the Government Accountability Board concerning the voter database and lack of action to verify that those included are legitimately registered to vote in the November election.

That, of course, brought the response that one might've expected.  Governor Doyle hired an attorney, Lester Pines, to challenge this action.

At the bottom of all this is the 'big question'.  That 'big question' centers on the suspicion that previous elections have seen the votes of people who were not properly vetted as part of the electorate to be counted.

One side says that only properly registered and verified voters ought to be allowed to cast their votes.  The other side says that there is really no problem and that this is all a move to try to assure that their side is victorious.

One side has pushed for voter photo ID and the other side has done its best to preclude this from ever occurring.

The voter data base was supposed to have been in place since January 1, 2006 but, for some reason, Wisconsin couldn't get its act together so that the checks could be begun until this past August.  Now, it is claimed that there is simply too much work to be done so that it is impossible for this to occur prior to the November elections.

Disenfranchisement versus illegal votes.  Tough call but we really do have to err on the side of culling out any illegal voters.  To argue to the contrary seems to me to be quite disingenouous...and just a little damning of those arguing that case.

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