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I Don't Know About You, But...

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I will vote for John McCain for President with a clear conscience where, I must confess, I had been feeling a little remorse because I would, for the first time in a long time, be voting for the 'lesser of evils'.  I am no longer voting for the lesser of evils.  I am a solid supporter and I love his VP selection.

Sarah Palin is like you and me.  She is a real person; she went to high school with other real people; she played ball like other real people.  She owns a gun and loves to hunt and fish.  She is educated as a journalist...but, I'll still cast my ballot proudly.

The liberals have been instantly relegated to name-calling.  That tells me just how good this selection was on John McCain's part.  Sarah's husband, Todd, has an arrest for DUI.  How many of us were a flashing light away from such an experience at one time in our lives?  Her daughter is pregnant at the age of 17.  How many real families go through similar experiences each year in our country?

Sarah Palin runs a state; she is commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard.  She has more executive experience than the two candidates on the opposing ticket.  She has had run ins with her state's good ole boys and they lost.  They were also, in several instances, members of her own political party.

Sarah Palin scares the bejeebers out of the liberals.  She is their very worst nightmare come true.  While they try to paint Joe Biden as 'Joe Lunchbucket", she has lived the 'lunchbucket' life, just like many of us have or still do.

Among the things that concern the liberals is this simple fact: she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk!  She is true to her philosophy; she does not have to remember who she is for this audience or that audience.  Sarah Palin is who she is, and we can like it or lump it!

Sarah Palin has some hurts coming from the press and the liberal blogosphere.  But, do you want to know something?  She's been there and done that, too!  She has scrubbed her knees and walked away the stronger for it.  She isn't hiding anything about herself or about her family.  And, they'll come through this just fine, maybe a bit wiser, but just fine.  Because they are all real people. 

Like you and me, they have their flaws and their scars and their regrets...and their faith.  I'd love to see "Sarah Barracuda" running up and down the hallways of Congress.  Those people need a dose of "real"!

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