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Village Buzz - July 30th...

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MATC Board...

Former superintendent Victor Rossetti has apparently moved from Germantown.  I have no idea to where he has relocated but his home has a sold sign in front and the new owners are moving in.

I have sent an email to MATC seeking information about his status as a Director.  The MATC website shows that his term is currently set to run through June 2009.  Requirements for positions as a Director are spelled out in quite some detail and residency is one of those requirements.

Some commenters have speculated in the past that MATC selected Mr. Rossetti to appease the residents/taxpayers of the Germantown School District.  Whether or not that was part of the selection process and decision I'm unaware. 

It seems that MATC would probably need to vacate his position through his resignation and I suspect that an appointment would be forthcoming to fill out the roster of Directors.  Among the requirements was the stipulation that one of the positions must be filled by a superintendent.  I don't know if MATC would consider our new superintendent or not, but it does seem that someone will need to be selected to fill that position.

If and when I receive a response to my email, I'll certainly publish the contents.


Lilac Lane Bridge Out?

There have been signs across the roadway on both ends of Lilac Lane announcing that the bridge crossing the river is out.  This occurred relatively close to the time of closure of Maple Road where a new bridge was placed into service.  Maple Road has been open to traffic for at least a week and probably more.

Inquisitive as I am, I drove down Lilac Lane this afternoon and discovered that the old bridge is still there and still navigable albeit with a wide swing around barriers on either side of the bridge.  I don't know what is happening there but presume that plans have been delayed for some reason. 

It seems that the signs might be removed or moved off to the side of the road to permit regular traffic flow until work commences.  Those of us who make regular use of that road have been compelled to travel a distance to the north or the south to get where we're going.

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