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Village Buzz - July 13th

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All the activity surrounding the new Sendik's store reminded me that I hadn't heard much more about the changes being discussed for the intersection of Legend Drive and Mequon Road. 

I had heard that the state was again thinking of a round-about for that intersection recognizing the increased traffic flow that would occur after the opening of the new Sendik's location.  There may have been others who had the same thought, but I understand that Trustee Langer raised the issue of pedestrian traffic navigating the round-about.

In communications with Village Administrator Dave Schornack late this week, I learned that the state had advised that the decision had been reached and that the intersection would have traffic lights rather than the round-about configuration.  Schornack advised that President Kempinski had been involved in securing this resolution and had attended the meeting with DOT representatives along with the Sendik's representative.

I asked about timing and Schornack indicated that he knew the Sendik's organization would be hoping for it to be accomplished by the time of their expected opening around September 4th, but that the actual schedule had yet to be set to his knowledge.  In response to my question about village funding for this project, Schornack indicated that his current thinking was that this would come from the TIF district in which the project is located.

Certainly there will be increased traffic when the store opens and this solution should help mitigate the traffic flow and keep residents safer.  Even without the store open, there has been considerable traffic at 'rush' times, so traffic signals will be a great assist.  Obviously, with the Pilgrim Road/Mequon Road signal-controlled intersection, it will take a little more time to travel Mequon Road, but that is probably the price to be paid for another competitor in the grocery arena coupled with growth in the village.

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