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Village Buzz - July 9th

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I have been on a brief vacation and, due to my own short-sightedness, was unable to publish new Blogs during that week.  I have received several emails during that period offering further comments or chastising for things said by me or some of those who have commented.  I'll set the essence of those thoughts forward in this piece.

* * * * * * * * * *

Trustee Dean Wolter has called into question several of the items in the first two Village Buzz Blogs:

He has indicated that he believes that the opinions I advanced as to my feeling that President Kempinski might be making himself a committee of one "is uncalled for, unsubstantiated by any facts, and made simply for the purpose and effect of comments to your Blog".  I have, unfortunately, come to have those feelings as I alluded.  It may well be that I'll change my feelings over the course of time, and I'll probably mention that if that happens.

I wondered if the signage in the front of Sendik's was of proper size.  Trustee Wolter advised that my "Statements to the signage of Sendik's ..being oversized is not accurate.  The Germantown Village Board has passed several changes to the sign section of the Municipal Code, allowing for taller and bigger signs to be placed at business entrances."

He has also criticized a comment that was offered by former President Charlie Hargan where he wrote that "The Village code state that the Planner has jurisdiction over the trees in Germantown, planting and removal.  He found out about them being removed only after it was done."

Trustee Wolter wrote: "Charlie Hargan's comment following your notes again is left to stand unabated and is in-correct.  I re-read the Germantown Municipal code, section 17.60 on Trees, and it does not state that the Village Planner has jurisdiction over the trees on public property.  I would like to have past president Hargan state which section of the code he is getting his information.  His statements are baseless, and incorrect."

* * * * * * * * * *

I appreciate the emails from Trustee Wolter and invited him to exercise his option to write comments if he wished to do so.  I do express my opinions often and I recognize that some may be polarizing.  Those who agree or disagree are free to post their comments.  I am forbidden from editing any comment.  I can remove a comment in full if I believe it is in poor taste, but those decisions are subject to review by the editors of the Community Now organization.

My opinions are obviously based on something or I wouldn't have them.  As with most everybody, I interact with a wide range of people and read and hear a wide range of information.  All this goes into the development of an opinion.  I cannot point to a specific 'fact' that caused an opinion to crystallize.  There may not be any 'facts' to which I could point, but I still have opinions.  My opinions may be out in left field; if that is the case from your perspective, so be it.  Help me change my opinion with more/better information or comment with your counter-opinion.

People in public office are in the public eye; that is simply the way it is.  We each will have varying opinions concerning those folks.  We'll probably agree with some actions and disagree with other actions.  I've often found that an initial opinion altered over time.  Similarly, I've also found that an initial opinion was proved to have been warranted. 

* * * * * * * * * *

Finally, there may be some who might believe I'm anti-Sendik's.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  I am very excited about more competition in our community.  I will be a regular shopper when the new store opens.  I've not picked on our other grocery establishments lately but certainly could've since there is much to be desired.  The opening of a tough competitor will be the best cure for poor selection and/or poor service elsewhere.

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