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April Fools?


From whom do you get your advice on home decorating?  Where the pillows should be placed?  How to arrange the furniture?  What colors to paint your room?  Are they properly licensed?

No...this is not an April Fools joke.  Licensing of interior designers would be the law if the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) had its way in the various state legislatures.  Today's Wall Street Journal carries a Op Ed piece written by Clark Neily, an attorney at the Institute for Justice, that discusses this attempt.

He tells us that the ASID has been waging this battle for some thirty years.  The driving force behind this effort is that ASID would gain many new members while driving the competition out of the business.  ASID's requirements would be a four-year degree from an accredited interior design college, a two-year apprenticeship and a two-day licensing examination costing $1,000.  He further pointed out that this examination is so irrelevant to the actual practice of interior design that many of the current ASID membership has not taken the exam but instead have received a waiver from ASID.

Many of us know that person who has a 'special knack' for decorating.  Would he or she then be part of the lawless band of unlicensed decorators?  Would your sister no longer be able to advise that the pillow might look better if it were on the chair instead of the sofa?  Would it be illegal for one's best friend to suggest his or her advice even if not being compensated?

Three states have succumbed and license interior decorators.  Indiana's legislature passed the law but its governor wisely vetoed the legislation; this occurred last year.

Isn't the folly that passes for law-making something to behold when such laws are proposed, much less passed?

This isn't an April Fools joke...but it ought to be.

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