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Fire Chief Seems To Be Left Twisting In The Wind...

Germantown, Political, Village Board

Germantown citizens have learned through the press that the sole employee to not receive a cost of living increase is Chief Pollpeter.  Every other employee has received that adjustment, and for many it came on top of an 'adjustment' to bring Germantown's compensation structure more in line with neighboring communities. 

It seems a stretch of the imagination that there could only be one outlier so far as satisfactory performance, but that is what we're asked to believe.  I could believe that there is only one employee with whom the Board and Administrator are at odds at this time, since it seems that has been going on since the beginning of this administration if not longer.

Regardless of the side you might occupy in this situation, if you have a side at all, is it fair that every reader of the Journal Sentinel and Community News is told that Chief Pollpeter is being counseled by the Village Administrator for unsatisfactory performance?  Is it fair that the innuendo is that until his performance improves to some point so far unexplained, but deemed satisfactory by Administrator Schornack, that he is to be the sole person from whom a cost of living increase is withheld?

Has some fair and impartial group determined that the chief has shortcomings or is this the sole determination of various elected/appointed officials that seemingly have myriad 'issues' with him?  What are those issues?  What are the remedial actions being required for the chief to be given a clean bill of health, so to speak, and awarded the cost of living increase?  Is the increase going to be retroactive when awarded or will the chief be further penalized?  What if his performance issues continue unabated?  Will action then be referred to the Police and Fire Commission seeking his removal?

For example, if the chief ends the overtime payments being made, will that satisfy his critics?  If he simply spreads the overtime around...if there are those who are both qualified and willing to pull the duty...will that satisfy his critics?  If this isn't it, then what is (are) the issue(s)?  He is forced to park outdoors now.  He is forced to drive a years-old vehicle lacking four wheel drive capability now.  The fire fighters' vegetable garden outside Station 2 was eliminated last year because the Administrator thought it unseemly.  Chief Pollpeter is publicly humiliated time and again, and yet he continues to fulfill the responsibilities of which we citizens are aware.

If the overtime is ended will the citizens be properly protected?  If they aren't, will this also be the fault of the chief?

Has this intentionally been positioned as one of those classic situations that has no viable solution that would enable the chief to remain? 

We seem to have perfected micro-management.  Maybe we have an instructor cadre for MATC if they decide to add such a course.

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