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Germantown, Political, Wisconsin

Patrick McIlheran has accurately portrayed the new group supposedly trying to keep the Supreme Court race on an even keel, but there is some question as to whether they are going to do that or are simply going to electioneer against the conservative person in the race.  So far, they don't seem to like the fact that Justice Butler's voting record as a Justice is being discussed in what, to me, seemed an even-handed fashion.  Catch that here.

Community Columnist Gary Kraeger also has dealt very ably with a similar area in his column reviewing the transgressions of Justice Annette Ziegler.  Catch that here.

Germantown finally managed to lower its flag to half staff in honor of the former Governor of Wisconsin sometime later Friday afternoon.  They were, unfortunately, not alone.  Several other flags flew at full staff through the bulk of the day.  Our flag etiquette, in general, seems to be lacking.  Is that a result of the intentional movement away from seeing our own country as the best in the world?  International political correctness seems to run rampant with those of the liberal persuasion.

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