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A Divided Congress...And That's Just The Democrats

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The Wall Street Journal editorial page likened the Democrat-controlled Congress to Delta House of Animal House movie fame.  As Delta House is being closed by the Dean, Otter says, "I think this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture on somebody's part".  Bluto (John Belushi) replies, "We're just the guys to do it".

This Congress has accomplished miraculously little.  It has passed an increased minimum wage law.  Most of the lack of accomplishment can be traced to the division within the Democratic party although they would tell you it is due to Republican obstructionism.  The far left is still working to embarrass the president who has shown that he is anything but a lame duck.  He vetoes their spending largess, and they fail to override.  Yet, they come back time after time only to be defeated time after time.  Reid and Pelosi don't get along, and they've not been able to marshall support of their own party members on more than a handful of issues.

We have no funding passed as yet for the troops.  We have an Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) that is now a very real extra tax for more and more 'middle class' taxpayers.  It was originally enacted to cause the super rich to have to pay at least something.  The Dems have tried to keep their pledge of no tax decreases without corresponding increases somewhere else (called the Pay As You Go rule).  The president continues to use his veto pen and the Dems continue to bang their heads on the same walls.

We have an abomination of a SCHIP program proposal (children's health insurance programs) that continues to push for more and more adults to be provided coverage.  The president vetoes every such effort and the Dems can't find a way around those vetoes, but they do not alter course and get this much needed program funding passed.

In the spirit of fair play, the president has finally found his veto pen.  He seemed to have misplaced it during the earmark explosion of the Republican majorities in Congress.

During all this, Congress' rating has been in the 20% range.  The president has increased to a rating in the mid-thirties.  The Democrats believe they are winning this fight, and yet the public, if polls are to be believed, disagrees with their assessment.  Two recent elections for replacement congressional representatives went Republican while all predictions said they would go Democrat.

Finally, the war (surge) seems to be going better and it is less and less an effective political issue.  Americans are again more concerned with things within our well as with the borders themselves.

Are the tea leaves realigning?

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