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My Friend John Has Taught Me Much...


My friend John is dying, as you know if you've read my Blogs regularly.  I told him a couple of days ago that he was doing so with a grace and dignity that I admire.  I hope I can emulate his grace and dignity when my time comes.

I try to spend time with John every day for I know there'll be a day when I'll not be able to do so anymore.  I don't know if that will be caused by John leaving this life or by me leaving this life.  We do not know when this life will end, and that is one of God's great blessings.

John has taught me much along this journey he is taking.  He taught me that we all need to make amends with those whom we may've offended or transgressed during our time on earth.

He has taught me that none of us is perfect, but that we are loved by many nonetheless.  He has taught me that I should see everyone for their potential, not just as they might appear today or tomorrow.  He has taught me that, even though we might backslide, we are still good people and equal in the eyes of the Lord if we just ask his forgiveness.

He has taught me that we each have an "end stage".  Some of us may have to endure much as we approach the end of this life, while others of us may have no warning.  That is a sobering thought; and one that taught me the need to always tell those whom I love that I love them...and to mean it and not simply to say it.

John and I disagree about some things but none are of such magnitude that we don't want to be around each other again...and as often as is possible given the fragile nature of our lives on earth.  I am certain that John has taught me much that I'll not come to understand until I find myself or a loved one in similar circumstances.

Finally, I have watched as John and his caregivers bonded during this journey.  They are family.  He is more concerned for his caregivers and loved ones than for himself.  He has pain but he tries to keep that from letting him enjoy each minute and each hour that is left to him.

My friend John has taught me much!

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