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Dark Money Groups Try to Buy Supreme Court Election

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Get ready to endure countless hours of commercials for the upcoming state Supreme Court election. Deep-pocketed dark money groups are lining-up to buy the election for Scott Walker protege, Rebecca Bradley. A new dark money group, with strong ties to the state GOP, has announced a huge TV ad buy. Other far-right groups, who have supported Bradley in the past, are certain to follow.

Two weeks ago, we discussed the candidacy of Walker's hand-picked judge, Rebecca Bradley. For reasons of impartiality, Supreme Court Justice is officially a non-partisan position. However, the inexperienced judge's grossly partisan ties run deep and strong.

Bradley openly welcomes support from the state Republican Party. The state GOP Chair solicited signatures for her nomination papers. Michael Grebe, the chair of Walker's failed presidential campaign, also chaired Bradley's 2013 judicial campaign. She attended an October GOP fundraiser in Milwaukee and will headline a February GOP fundraiser. She has belonged to the Republican National Lawyers Association.

A new far-right dark money group, Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, has announced a huge ad buy to promote Bradley's candidacy. A hefty $415,000 will be spent between February 2 and 8. The group has direct ties to the Republican Party. Its Executive Director is former Chief of Staff for State Sen. Leah Vukmir. Its communications director held the same position with the Wisconsin Republican Party. The dark-money group's website promotes causes such as school privatization, abolishing ethics oversight of state government, and ending heath-care access for millions of Americans.

You have probably already seen this omnipresent ad. It insults the intelligence of Wisconsin voters. In the most Orwellian language, the spiel claims that Walker's hand-picked candidate, the darling of GOP secret money groups, is "fair and impartial" and "fair and independent". Despite these repeated claims, the clearly partisan GOP hack is anything but impartial, fair, or independent.

And the shadowy Wisconsin Club for Growth will certainly be on board to support Bradley. The Washington-based Club for Growth has made the wholesale purchase of Wisconsin government a top priority. It spent $700,000 in ads against Tommy Thompson in the 2012 GOP Senate primaries. It has made the defeat of Russ Feingold a top 2016 priority, promising to spend $2.5 million in this year's Senate race. The Wisconsin Club for Growth spent at least $10 million to influence the recalls of 2011-12.

The Wisconsin Club for Growth is one of the dark money groups that were under investigation in the John Doe II scandal for illegal coordination with the Walker campaign. Walker protege Bradley is certainly familiar with the WI Club for Growth. The group spent extravagantly on her 2013 campaign for Milwaukee Circuit Court. It shelled out $167,000 for the local campaign.

The WI Club for Growth also loves to spend heavily to buy Wisconsin Supreme Court elections. They have given at least $1.75 million to tilt the ideology of the current Court to the extreme right. No wonder the John Doe II investigation of the WiCFG was summarily ended by this corrupt Court. Count on big WiCFG financial support for Bradley. Already, the group's website has posted several articles lauding Walker's hand-picked candidate.

And a third dark money group, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, is most likely in the tank for Walker's personal judge, too. The WMC loves to purchase Wisconsin Supreme Court judges, spending over $5.6 million dollars to elect current justices Roggensack, Prosser, Gableman, and Ziegler. This is another group that was under investigation for illegal coordination with the Walker campaign until our corrupt State Supreme Court unsurprisingly ended John Doe II.

The WMC website boasts of efforts against clean air and water protection. It advocates anti-worker policies such as Right-to-Freeload. It promotes school privatization. And already, articles promoting Bradley and denigrating her opponents have appeared on the group's website. Based on WMC's history of flooding money into past SC elections, they will surely weigh-in on this one.

Shadowy dark-money groups like the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, the Wisconsin Club for Growth, and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce have targeted our Supreme Court elections. These groups will try to buy yet another seat on our Court by heavy spending on this Spring's election.

On a campaign flyer I received yesterday, Rebecca Bradley says, "The people of Wisconsin are best served by independent justices who will apply the law impartially, free of political agendas." I couldn't agree more . We need a Supreme Court Justice who will actually consider each case impartially and in a non-biased fashion. Walker's hand-picked candidate, the heavily partisan Rebecca Bradley, is not that person, no matter how many times her 30-second ads try to tell us otherwise.






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