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ObamaCare And Birth Control Drugs

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ObamaCare and the birth control drug issue raises up an interesting dilemma.  The President has decreed a “work-around” that supposedly fixes the problem created by courts that said an employer cannot be made to fund birth control pharmaceuticals.  The President’s work-around involves the various elements other than employers in the health plan equation paying the cost of the drugs.  The only problem is that any and all of these entities that have been instructed to make these drugs available do so at a cost to the employer, albeit a bit circuitous, but paid by the employer nonetheless.

The President is apparently relying upon the courts involved to be gullible enough to permit his little smoke and mirrors solution to go unchallenged.  He really should understand by now that at least some courts are anything but gullible in matters relating to the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare as it is known to many.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are not in the business of giving medicine away.  They charge for that.  Third Party Administrators are not in the business of using their own money to pay claims for their employer clients.  They charge for that and for the claims paid.  Insurers are not in the business of paying claims without being reimbursed by the employer/plan sponsor for the costs incurred as well as for their service.  Those costs are part of the premiums charged by the insurers whether or not ‘line item’ identified.

This very shallow and highly visible subterfuge is not at all becoming of the person we were led to believe was among the smartest people we could ever hope to have as a President.

If the President believes he has found the magic solution, I suspect he’ll be disappointed when he is sued yet again for the same reason…requiring employers who object to providing birth control options to the people the employers’ plans cover...after courts have told him that isn’t permissible.   These employers are a bit more sophisticated than the President appears to believe.  It is difficult to imagine that these employers will simply roll over after having taken huge risks by bringing suit and after having won those actions.

Or, maybe an activist court will even have the audacity to hold the President in contempt of court.  That would likely not sit well for people who actually thought this was the smartest man in the world.  It seems to be turning out that this man puts his shoes on one at a time like most all of us.  He might be able to do that while flying around in one of our taxpayer-funded airplanes, but he isn’t able to walk on water nor is he able to break the law after he has been so pointedly told not to do so.

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