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Rest in Peace Mr. Arnold

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We moved into Germantown in 1969 and he was always here.  He was always visible in one form or another and he was always involved in one form or another.  Now we pay our respects to those he has left behind.

He is Gene Arnold.  Gruff, lovable and always the same; Gene Arnold.  I suspect that he was more of a softy than any of us might’ve thought, especially his kids as they grew up in his pretty much no nonsense world.

Gene’s obituary appeared in the morning Journal Sentinel today, Friday, and it spoke of the man who gave so much of himself to our community.  He was, of course, impossible not to know as the man who started Germantown Tire and Auto, and whose sons continue to operate that business.  But, he was a lot more: a past Fire Chief and volunteer firefighter, a member of the Germantown Lion’s Club, a member of Masonic Lodge #183, a member of the Germantown Marine Bank Board of Directors and a former Director of the Germantown Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

Given our ‘late’ arrival in Germantown, Gene Arnold was simply always around, always visible in one way or another and always the same.  I became accustomed to walking into a local eatery at noon for lunch on occasion and I’d see him playing cards with a couple of cronies.  I don’t know how many times one of our vehicles found its way to Germantown Tire and Auto for a cure of what ailed them, but they were always cured.

If you feel inclined, his visitation is scheduled for 2PM on Saturday, August 30th at the Schmidt & Bartelt Funeral Home on Menomonee Avenue in Menomonee Falls.

Rest in peace Mr. Arnold.

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