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Another Election Without Voter Photo ID?

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September 12th is the earliest date by which the federal court is expected to make its decision on voter ID known. 

September 12th is the date on which absentee ballots would normally be mailed by the various clerks across Wisconsin.

If we can just skate past September 12th maybe all this voter ID nonsense will just go away.  Even it doesn’t, we’ll have had one more election that won’t require a voter ID to be presented in order to vote.

All this concern over what appears to be a quite benign issue is sometimes hard to understand given the realities.  The need for photo ID is so broad based at this point that the cries of discrimination simply don’t ring true.  Other than for the guy who has been nailed for voting 13 times, there likely will be no other issues.  It is virtually impossible to live in this society without having a valid photo identification card.  Requiring that card to be available at the polling place does not seem a giant over-reach.  This is not some device designed to keep minority votes from counting as some would have us believe.

The supposed issues seem to revolve now around those very, very few who do not have access to a birth certificate.  The state has already indicated that it will issue a photo ID to those people that would simply indicate that a birth certificate was not seen at the time.  Those would be available at all Motor Vehicle Department locations.

It does appear as though the anti-voter ID folks will have gained another delay since the clock will run out for all intent and purpose on September 12th, or maybe a day or two after that date but not much later.

So, one more election will probably occur without voter photo ID being required.  Will that taint the results?  That is highly unlikely unless an election turns on but a handful of votes; although, since photo ID is virtually an absolute necessity for daily living, doesn’t it seem just a little silly for all this to have become such a big thing to some?

Or could it simply be that those who make such a big thing over the potential that voter photo ID may be required are simply using this as the current tool to make voters think that the nasty Republicans and even nastier conservatives who want this only want it because they want to be mean to some really elderly folks?

This propaganda tool of the left is going to be taken from their tool box, but they want it there just one more time it seems.  Voter ID would’ve made me a lot more confidant of the recent Petri replacement election outcome.  219 votes decided that race and the turn-out in the Presidential races to come will be much heavier.  Let’s be adult about all this and simply get used to having our ID with us when we vote.  I carry mine everywhere I go anyway as I suspect is the case for the vast majority of people; the vast, vast, vast majority.

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