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Appropos Quotation for Today?

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I am a lover of quotations and think I have just fallen in love again.  Here is a quotation that seems to say volumes in just a couple of sentences:

Statesmanship is harder than politics. Politics is the art of getting along with people, whereas statesmanship is the art of getting along with politicians.

-- Fletcher Knebel, American writer

Does this or does it not help to explain the problem we see day after day in Washington, D.C.?  And sometimes in Madison, WI?  We elect the person we believe to be the most capable in a particular area and we send that person to Madison, WI or to Washington, D.C. and then we wonder what happened between here and there.

The politician got along well enough with you and me to get our vote and get sent to either Madison or Washington.  BUT, that isn’t the biggest problem.  The biggest problem is that statesmanship is required to get things done in governmental bodies and too often the politician isn’t also a statesman or stateswoman.  Isn’t this exactly what we see all too often in Washington?  Isn’t there a seeming disconnect that happens there?  How often have you asked yourself “what don’t you get?” about this issue or that issue.  Then, we sit and wait and wait for the solution that too often comes only to be the wrong solution altogether as anyone other than a politician would be able to see.

This seems an especially apropos quotation when we consider the leaders of the various governmental bodies who, it seems, see those positions as their personal fiefdoms and decide what will or what won’t get time for debate and honest up or down decisions to be taken by the body.

A certain Senator from the great state of Nevada comes to mind since he is among the great obstructionists the Capitol has seen in ages.

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