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Good Sheriff or "Big Cowboy"?

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. certainly has gained the attention of many liberals and their organizations across the country as is demonstrated by the inflow of anti-Clarke campaign cash from in-state and out-of-state sources.  He is running as a Democrat as he has always in Milwaukee County.  That means, since there is no Republican challenger, Tuesday is the big day even though it is only a primary election.

Of note most recently is the $150K + that was donated to his opposition by the liberal Bloomberg-driven Independence USA organization that is added to the already very significant $400K that was already dropped into this race by opponents.  It is no secret that the Sheriff has been very outspoken and has not been a particular favorite of the current Milwaukee Mayor, Police Chief or the County Administrator.

Clarke’s opponent has been trying to label him as a “Big Cowboy”, and essentially as a show-boater that gets nothing done and who overspends his budgets.  Clarke does have a bigger than life persona in his commercials but I had occasion to meet him in a Washington, D.C. hotel lobby several years ago and found him to be anything but what his opponents would have us believe is the “real” Sheriff Clarke.

Now this “Big Cowboy” has gone and done something to perturb his opponent and those that follow his opponent even more.  Sheriff Clarke managed to stop a man who was trying to run another car off the road shortly before 7PM on Thursday at No. 51st St. and W. Good Hope Rd.  The car the man was trying to run off the road was being driven by his ex-girlfriend who reportedly had been trying to get away from him for more than thirty minutes after she’d called 911 to report the situation.  Clarke then called the Milwaukee Police dispatchers to seek an officer/squad at the scene.

Of course, this was only a showboat move by the Sheriff, wasn’t it?  Or is this guy really what he is cracked up to be…a law and order, no nonsense Sheriff who actually runs a pretty good ‘cop shop’?

I cannot comment on all the ins and outs of the relationships Clarke has with others in government, but I know he has done a good job as Milwaukee County’s Sheriff and, if I were in that County, I’d not hesitate to cast a vote for this law and order guy…who is also a decent human being.  There may well be people in office in Milwaukee and Milwaukee County that could use replacing, but I don’t believe that Sheriff Clarke is among them.

Additionally, if he does decide to run for Mayor in the future, running as an incumbent official carries a lot more weight than running as a former elected official.  Maybe that has something to do with so much opposition this year.  What do you think?

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