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Job Available; Thick Skin Required

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As we move toward the ‘finish line’ in this season’s political races, I am amazed at the hits that each candidate takes especially in some of the more localized campaigns and especially where those feature multiple choices.  I am even more amazed at the candidates’ ability to let those slide off their back as if nothing had hit them.  I know this happens in national races but those seem somehow more distant.  Even then, it seems that the further up the political food chain a race goes, the thicker the skin that is necessary on the part of the candidates.

Among the races that seem to have gotten ‘down and dirty’ early on is that for the person who will take over the 6th Congressional District seat.  Several republicans are after the seat that takes them to the nation’s capital.  Judging from the recent attacks, the leader in that race must be current state Senator Glenn Grothman (R).  Grothman was the target of choice of his three opponents at the Beaver Dam Veteran’s Center last evening.

This race seems to hinge on who can paint themselves as being more conservative than the others.  Sen. Grothman (R) has a record that stretches back quite a way so it is easier for him to wear the mantle of ‘conservative’.  Rep. Duey Stroebel (R) who has amassed sufficient funds from his business activities to fund much of his own campaign is fighting to take that mantle upon his own shoulders without the lengthy voting record of his opponent.

In my opinion, Stroebel has hurt his campaign with his attacks even though I understand that he is trying to make people understand that he thinks he is the more conservative of the four in that race.  Grothman’s record is there for all to see and it is quite conservative.  Stroebel is a relative neophyte politically.  The other two candidates are state Senator Joe Leibham (R) and Tom Denow from the Town of Algoma.  It is easy to see that this seat covers a lot of territory.  The democratic candidate is Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris. 

There certainly is no guarantee that this seat will stay in the republican camp.  I particularly dislike seeing such a down and dirty race in the primary election since that has a carry-over that can be used by the opposition in the general election race.  That obviously works in both directions but there is no democratic challenger to that candidate.

I am happy this part of that battle will be over soon.

(Note:  I was taken to task for having misspelled a candidate's name and have corrected that spelling by inserting the "e" into Rep. Stroebel's name.  My apologies.)

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