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Understatement of the Year?

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House Republicans seem in need of some help in the PR sphere.  Just re-reading that lead line, it strikes me this could go down as the understatement of the year.

These folks are, of course, hampered by the mainstream media, such as it is, that loves to jab Republicans.  They are hampered by the Democrats who seem to be several beats ahead of Republicans on most every issue.  Most of all, though, these Republicans are hampered by themselves.

They have played into the hands of the opposition by voting to sue the President.  This action is being described as the lead-in to “impeachment” and has been the Democrat’s main theme in the press for the past week or so.  And it has worked very well for them, so why should they quit using it?

Now the President decries their latest action with this statement: “Stop being mad all the time. Stop, stop, stop just hatin’ all the time.”

Why is it that Republicans seem to be so well equipped when it comes to shooting themselves in the foot?  They argue amongst themselves and feed the Democrats all kinds of opportunities to make fun of them.  Of course, when the press is aligned with your opposition on virtually every issue, it is easy to understand that most of the jabs taken by that group will be at the expense of the Republicans.

I suspect that only the most rabid of Democrats would be able to lay claim, without their fingers crossed behind their backs, that the President hasn’t overstepped his office.  But that simply doesn’t matter in this era.  President Obama has had it mostly all his way and that is going to continue for the self-proclaimed “chosen one”.

The House Republican leadership does not appear able to foresee how all its theatrics are going to play.  That strikes me as odd since that is the only way it has been since the initial victory by President Obama.  Couple that with the constant in-fighting amongst too many of the Republicans in the House and you have exactly what we see today. 

The House Republicans have been made to appear to be nothing more than kindergartners who are constantly hitting each other on the playground only to be reprimanded by the principal; in this case that principal is the media only too happy to show us all just how ill-prepared to govern that group has become.  And those same Republicans have to take responsibility for what they’ve done to themselves, and permitted to be done to them by others.

So, what would be my solution?  I am not at all sure there is an immediate solution available to the Republicans.  President Obama has proved to be a master of the ‘inside baseball’ maneuvering that marks some of the most effective politicians we’ve seen.  Just because they have been effective doesn’t necessarily equate to them having been great at what they do.  Will President Obama end up as an addition to Mount Rushmore?  I seriously doubt that will occur.  Will he ultimately be remembered as being worse at this job than President Carter?  I doubt that will be the case but I’d be willing to bet that he’ll give Carter a race in that respect.

Being in the leadership group of the House Republicans has to be a labor of love because there is scant other reward given the irascible members needing to be brought to heel.

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