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Do Voters Really Get What They Deserve?

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The latest polling results from Charles Franklin’s Marquette University Law School poll appear to confirm that innuendo and non-ceasing John Doe investigations and political shenanigans associated with that effort can erode the confidence level of voters to the point that Gov. Scott Walker finds himself still in a real fight against Mary Burke in the race for Governor.

A comparison of qualifications alone would not yield this kind of result unless only non-thinking people were polled.  The odds against that are enormous.  Several thoughts come to mind…

First, that old bromide that voters get what they deserve is scary because that could be working against Scott Walker in this situation.  I know there is still a lot of campaigning to go before the election, but there can be a lot more skullduggery in that time as well.

Second, the people of this state need to come to their senses.  Mary Burke has no qualifications to govern the state other than for her service as a Madison school board member.  Her involvement with Trek in Europe was a good thing for Trek in that she was involved in opening that part of the global economy for Trek sales.  That doesn’t equate to being capable of governing a state.

Third, the politically-driven John Doe investigations need to be vilified for what they were and those behind these seemingly endless wastes of taxpayer dollars need to be brought to justice for their actions.  It is quite plain to see that these continual trips to the “well of justice” were mounted to effectively tar Governor Walker either directly or by indirect association.  The people behind this politically-driven charade need to be punished for their cavalier abuse of the law and that needs to happen now and not after the election.  And that needs to go to whatever level of officialdom is necessary.

Fourth, the press in this state needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror.  We do not have the classic ‘free press’ that we learn about in text books.  We have a mainstream media that would run amok were it not for talk radio by the stories it makes front page news and by the repetitive efforts to create stories based almost solely upon supposition.  We have a mainstream media that cannot bring itself to write or report a laudatory story about our Governor; rather than to do that, it stands mute until the next waft of man-made odor compels it to break out the hammer again.

We can’t forget Act 10 either.  We can’t ignore the occupation of the state’s capitol building.  We can’t make believe that thirteen Democrats didn’t run from the state rather than permit a constitutionally-elected government to work as it is supposed to work.  We can’t forget the national unions that were and are frightened of similar movements across the country.  We can’t forget the name-calling aimed at anyone who can be labelled a “millionaire” and who is at all conservative.  Wisconsin’s vote in this race will be as important as was the election of Scott Walker in the first place.

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