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Personal Losses Teach Us

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A good friend lost his brother and is feeling the loss like only a brother or sister can feel such a loss.

I wish Pete and his family the very best in this tragic situation; I know that he is a good Christian man and that he will weather this storm as he has weathered other storms in this life.

These are the kinds of happenings that give each of us pause as they should.  If we have loved ones with whom we’ve had difficult words, this experience ought to remind us to never let those words fester without an apology as quickly as possible.  Sometimes, as we’re reminded, there may not be a day or a week or a month in which we can tell ourselves we’ll make that apology or get that call made or that note off in the mail.

None of us are insulated from such happenings.  None of us are lily white so far as our relationships are concerned.  We have made mistakes and we know that we are human.  But, these are the reminders that each of us need so that we can take inventory of our own lives just as we help others grieve over their losses.

Many of you probably know the “Pete” to whom this refers.  Please let him know you are praying for him and his family.

And then inventory your own situation and make amends where those might be called for while you are still able to do so.

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