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Will She or Won't She?

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Will she or won’t she?  Hillary appears to be teasing us all a bit with her comments that her decision to run or to not run for the office of President would be purely personal.  She has even resorted to the ‘Grandmother' thing as part of her decision-tree.

Are we suffering from Clinton-burnout?  Is that the problem?  There seem to be more Clinton-related articles being printed these days, and that likely relates directly to the great decision facing Hillary and her family.

We already know that she/they were “flat broke” when she/they left the White House.  They have made what would seem a nearly miraculous recovery from that grave condition.  Bill has pretty much rehabilitated his image so that now no one discusses his philandering at all often, and the ‘tell all’ stories about those he supposedly misused have died out completely.  Even the stained dress episode has pretty well disappeared from the media.  The great series of mysteries surrounding their rise and reign while in the White House have gone by the way.  Vince Foster’s name is ancient history today, except now that I’ve resurrected it.

Hillary seems to make it sound as though she would win the Democrat’s nomination if she simply decided to place her ‘hat in the ring’.  Maybe that is true; maybe she is their single best possibility and therefore she might sail through the party convention.  Doesn’t it seem, though, that Hillary’s self-declared leader’s position even before the convention is a just a bit over-the-top even for those Democrats who worship the ground upon which she walks?

I have to hand it to Hillary in this area, though.  She has made her own way to creating baggage for herself.  Bill can’t be blamed for any of Hillary’s current issues except if he counselled her on the handling of that State Department fiasco someplace over there in North Africa; I can’t recall the name just now.  I think its starts with a “B”.

So, while the sun appears to rise and fall on Hillary, at least in her own mind, there must be at least one Democrat who thinks otherwise, at least one person who believes he or she would make a better candidate and then a better President.

I suspect there are those on her side of the political aisle that would love to see her trip and fall even at the cost of losing the White House for four to eight years.  She has to have made a list of personal enemies that rivals that of most public figures.  Her attitude would have done that for me if I were a Democrat.  The smug and haughty carriage of self as she parades into a House of Representatives or Senate Hearing Room or in front of a television camera would do it for me.

One has to wonder if her internal polling is showing a decided weakness.  Would that be what is driving this relatively recent self-humanization tour?  If that is what she is trying to do, will it work or will she decide for “personal reasons”, like becoming a Grandmother, to not make a run for the White House?

I cannot imagine the personal agony she must be experiencing if that is her current reality.  She has been pointed at this prize for years and years.  The first female President.  Of course, that agony would be salved by the almost-miraculous $100+ million dollars she and Bill have amassed since leaving the White House “flat broke” and in shame to one or another degree.

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