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Ban Out-Of-State Contributions?

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The candidate opposing Gov. Walker made a statement yesterday to the effect that she would ban out-of-state contributions to gubernatorial races in the future if she is elected.  Mary Burke apparently thinks that ban would hurt her opponent more than it would hurt her.  By reports in today’s paper, some 30% of the contributions she has received were from out-of-state donors and some 50% of Walker's came from out-of-state donors so that would seem to be borne out.

Obviously Governor Walker has established quite a following nationwide given the talk of presidential aspirations, his acts as Governor and given his strong stands against his liberal opposition.  His contributions in 2013 showed that.

It appears that Mary Burke felt the need to say something the press would seize upon simply to get noticed.  Federal courts have previously held that out-of-state contributions are not going to be permitted to be banned outright.

Given the relative lackluster campaign contributions she has received by comparison to Governor Walker, I imagine Burke would look for any rationale to try to hammer the Governor.  She reported slightly more than $3 million for the most recent reporting period while Walker reported over $8 million.

The Marquette polls continue to show this race as a dead heat at 46% each.  That says that both need to be fighting for the remaining 8% and one needs at least 51% of that 8% to win…assuming the polling was accurate.  We do know that our state is fairly evenly split so, while the poll numbers may be off a bit, this race is no doubt close and the more money one candidate has to cover the airways and the print media, the better his or her opportunity ought to be to attract more than half the remaining undecided voters and come away with a victory.

The simple idea, though, of banning out-of-state contributions gives a bit of insight into Mary Burke’s thought process.  Telling people how to spend and how not to spend their money seems to be more a liberal approach to the world than anything else.  Maybe that is why taxes being raised is more a liberal than a conservative position.  They know better what to do with our money than we.

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