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Dropping Out....Temporarily, Of Course

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I had the opportunity to drop out for nearly two weeks with a vacation in Colorado visiting family.  That was great with wonderful weather and the comparative isolation that accompanied the time spent there at some 8,000 to 9,400 feet of altitude.

One needs to return from those special times, though, and that return can be a bit disconcerting given the self-imposed need to “catch up” on those newsy things missed during the sojourn.  The old worn phrase that this is similar to trying to drink from a fire hose comes to mind.  The burst of saved snail mail that hits on the very day you instructed the Post Office to make that happen is part of the re-introduction to reality that hits that first ‘business’ day back in familiar environs.

In reality, it seems that nothing much has changed during this absence.  The politicos continue to run off at the mouth about all the unsolved issues that were present when I dropped out of the world for that brief time.  And, of course, there are some ‘new’ issues that surfaced during that time period.

The desk top left behind was waiting eagerly for my return, albeit without any of those feared disasters having occurred.  That is also a bit disconcerting since I might not be as important to the functioning of the world as I had been thinking leading up to my departure.

Among the gifts, however, that accompanied this vacation was the time decompression that sets in about the time you awaken from the first night’s sleep in the new place.  There was still ‘news’ to be seen on the television set, but it didn’t have quite the compelling feel about it that it had just a couple of days earlier.  There were still e-mails coming through on the ‘smart’ phone given the “Wi-Fi” connection available on that end of the trip, but somehow those didn’t seem quite as compelling as they did prior to my departure.

The world I left behind did not seem to suffer materially at all during my absence.

Maybe that is the real take-away that should stay with me.  Maybe I can remember, for a while at least, that I am not nearly so critical to the many things I had come to think just couldn’t function well without my presence.  That realization might just be about the same as waking in a new location after a flight of several hours.

Maybe all of us would be a bit better off mentally and physically if we were able to transport ourselves to a different place periodically during our day or week.  Maybe that ability to simply take a moment or two each day to day dream is really what we think of as a ‘vacation’.  Maybe that exercise would be helpful for what we come to think ails us.

Now…if only I were disciplined enough to really give that a regular place in each day, I might be better off.  But, that is an awfully big thing to get my head wrapped around, so I’ll probably forget these thoughts before too many more days have passed and be back on whatever treadmill I build for myself.

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