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Can We Have a 'Do-Over'?

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Congress is on the move in Gallup’s latest poll: 

Seven percent of Americans now say they have a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in Congress, down from 10% in 2013. This is the lowest confidence score Gallup has recorded for any institution -- ever.

I continue to be amazed that Congress in total scores so horridly in these polls and that we see so few changes in the make-up of Congress from one election to another.

But then, I see the lack of concern by so many people when we are lied to…or made out to be the fools that will buy the “hard drives were erased” statements of the IRS…and I realize that we must be the fools we, as a people, are played for being.

It makes sense; these excuses have worked for years.  Why would anyone think of changing something that works, especially something that works so effectively as obfuscation?

What, pray tell, can be the future of a people that are so easily bamboozled?  How is it that we have been successful as a country when we are so stupid?  Is the rest of the world even dimmer than we?  Is that why we seem to excel?   Is it that we are not really dumb but we are simply less dumb that other peoples?

Okay, that rant is finished.  But, the underlying questions remain to be answered.  How much longer will we as a people tolerate being openly lied to by our leaders and then turn a blind eye when we vote?  It is our fault that we have the government we have.  We’re the ones that keep sustaining it.

We keep paying more and more for a government that is less and less honest with us.  And then we expect it will change.  There is simply a deadly disconnect there.

Are we even capable of changing our heading at this point, or are we destined to fly into a mountainside as a country?  We have politicians who try to help us understand our folly, but they are too often unelected after a term or two.  It seems we think we want to make our government better, but then we sort of tire of the effort.

Can we have a ‘do-over’?  Maybe Groucho Marx was on the right path when he famously said, "Please accept my resignation.   I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member".

I had really wanted to leave something better for my children and their children.  Maybe they’ll get it done better than we did.

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