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Smoking Gun or Smoking Howitzer?

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Smoking gun or smoking howitzer?  The IRS claim that it has “lost” all of the e-mails from Lois Lerner for the period from January 2009 through April 2011 is simply preposterous.  This statement destroys any shred of credibility the IRS might have had remaining, and even worse, it shines a light on the Obama Administration that ought to have been glaring for some time.

The idea that we are to be presumed as stupid as to simply believe this load of hogwash should reassure each of us who have presumed this Administration untrustworthy.  We appear to be correct in our assumptions.  Additionally, learning just how little credit we are given for bringing a reasonable level of intelligence to the game has helped me to better understand the outright brazenness of this group of people.

Thank you Mr. President for that insight. 

It is definitely up to Congress to make certain this is punished, and to make certain that it proves it is impossible for this all to be ‘lost’.  A solid forensics team can ‘find’ the ‘lost’ e-mails somewhere…if it is permitted to search in an unimpeded manner, of course.

If there has somehow been a sufficient conspiracy capable of making certain these e-mails are gone, then we know even more about the apparent lawlessness of the Administration.  By-passing Congress with the making of its own law is one thing, but this rises to a whole different level.

I cannot help but think about the Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard M. Nixon.  That scandal was small potatoes compared to where this can lead as the layers are peeled away one at a time.

No matter one’s political persuasion, we all have a right to know the who, what and why of this latest piece of the puzzle.

A missing 18 minute long piece of taped transcription was enough to take down one President.  This “missing e-mails” scandal is of such a greater magnitude as to defy adequate comparison.

Do your job Congress!  Democrats would be wise to get out of the way of such an investigation if they want to survive the coming mid-term elections with any hope of a majority in either the House or the Senate.  In fact, wise Democrats would get out in front of this investigation and show that they do not, and will not, tolerate this kind of illicit behavior…even by the self-proclaimed savior of our country.   That might give them the result of retaining control of the Senate.

Smoking gun or smoking howitzer?  This is potentially much worse than either, and if not thoroughly investigated in the full light of day, this could be the end of this Presidency. 

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