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Where Does One Begin?

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Where does one begin to recite the woes we are witnessing that have essentially been created by decisions our President has either made or resisted making.  He seems to have a reverse Midas touch.  Virtually everything this President has touched has gone sour.  And, as we reel with the happenings in Iraq, Russian President Putin is making his further move in the Ukraine.

It seems clearer with every passing day that our President is inept.  His foreign policy is highly suspect since virtually everything done in the name of foreign policy blows up.  All of a sudden Benghazi seems to take something of a back seat to the latest and greatest failures.  Sharia law is imminent in great stretches of the Middle East.  Syria is in a continued state of war and is very much destabilized as the result.  Iran is coming to the aid of Iraq.  So much for bringing democracy and freedom to this part of the world; that seems something from a long, long time ago.

The one friend this country had in the region has been spurned at every turn.  Israel learned that it was basically on its own after our ‘boy genius’ of world affairs literally snubbed the Prime Minister of that country…on more than one occasion.

The President has made his mark by ending, or nearly ending, all the foreign troop deployments that he ‘inherited’ when he gained the office.  He is busy ending the need for Guantanamo, as well.  The ending theme ought not to be confused with a ‘winning’ theme.  Of course, all these incursions and decisions were the result of the ‘cowboy’ tactics of that Texan, George Bush, and needed to be ended as soon as at all possible.  Perish the thought that premature withdrawal might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  But defeat is what we’re watching today and at great expense to our military and to the country.  Even as these debacles rain down, this Administration remains steadfastly at the tiller of downsizing the military.

Even the Democrats in Congress have to be wondering what they fostered by falling into lock-step behind this man.  They especially have to wonder why they ever gave in to his usurpation of their Congressional powers by rolling over to have their collective tummies scratched while he occasionally tosses them a doggie bone of one thing or another that they can claim as victories for re-election campaigns.

Former President Jimmy Carter has to be thanking his lucky stars.  He is rapidly moving out of the position of being thought the worst President we’ve had in modern times.

I frankly thought that my remarks of a week or so ago using the word ‘impeachment’ were a bit out on the edge.  Unfortunately, I think my timing may have been quite appropriate.  Each day seems to bring some new revelation of how poorly our foreign policy has been conducted; of how poor our leadership has been at making these decisions.

I worry about what tomorrow might hold so far as foreign affairs go and so far as how we, as a country, are viewed by those in the world who would love to see us diminished significantly in terms of our abilities to impact the world.  And, quite frankly, I don’t see the former Secretary of State as the person who has the ability to turn all this around.  Her early gaffes suggest that she is not at all ready for prime time in spite of her belief that she has ‘earned’ the right to be President.

Now it is up to the other party to find a candidate who can win based upon ability and appeal.

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