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Mrs. Diedrich - A Really, Really Good One

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My wife and I had the great pleasure of attending the fifth grade graduation ceremony at Amy Belle School last evening.  Our youngest grandson was a member of the fifth grade class and had the good fortune of being taught two different times by Mrs. Diedrich, who has been a fixture for some time in our system.  She also taught our oldest grandson, so we feel we know her.

Mrs. Diedrich announced at the beginning of this school year that she would be retiring when school finished this year, and I think she has one day left as this is written.

She is one of those jewels of a teacher that any system would love to have for years and years to teach the young people as they gain their education and as they become formed into caring, articulate and smarter young boys and girls.  She was always ready with an offer of additional help or some advanced tutoring just to keep those fires for more knowledge alive and well.

When we too often hear about this issue or that issue in public schools, it is a very real gift to be aware of a person who has dedicated her working lifetime to teaching, and about whom I’ve never heard a bad word.  To the contrary, both grandsons have nothing but fond memories of Mrs. Diedrich.  And parents, too, seem to be most appreciative of her diligence, of her caring concern and of her polished teaching skills that help the learning process immensely.

We had the chance to give her a hug last evening and were surprised that she remembered us, by our grandsons' names, even though we probably have only seen her a few times over these many years that she has graced the hallways of Germantown schools.

We count Mrs. Diedrich as among the blessings our grandchildren have experienced while in the Germantown system so far.  She would be a great person for younger teachers to emulate and I’m sure she has made her mark in that way, as well.

If you too have been touched by this wonderful lady and teacher, let her know how much you appreciate her.  We had that opportunity last evening and she was most gracious in her acceptance of our good wishes.

We’re losing a really, really good one in her retirement!  

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