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Dave Brat & His Victory

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Dave Brat’s upending of Eric Cantor in the race for the House from Virginia is a telling story.  Many will assume that it was a Tea party victory but those in the know say that was not the story.

The story was Dave Brat running as Cantor’s “term limit” according to Fox News and that is even more telling.  That would suggest that people are finally getting their fill of career politicians who appear to forget the people that sent them to Washington.

This was a primary race, so Dave Brat isn’t in Washington already and I have no idea of the strength of the Democratic opponent whom he’ll face in the final election for this Congressional seat.

But, the fact we do know is that Eric Cantor is out after the next election and the swearing in ceremony for whomever his replacement is decided to be by the voters.  He is out despite his dominant campaign funding edge and his ‘bully pulpit’ and his leadership position amongst the Republicans in the House.  None of that made a difference.  Cantor’s people back home decided they’d had enough of him and probably of his party’s inability to get anything accomplished and probably of the overall do-nothing Congress of which he was/is a part.

This election result should be the prime mover for a lot of career politicians.  If a bright, young, charismatic guy like Eric Cantor can be sent home, what about some of the not-so-bright, not-so-young, not-so-charismatic old pols of which, frankly, there are a ton.

The “term limit” campaign banner seems to have hit a resonate note with the ‘folks back home’, at least in Cantor’s district.  Is that just resonating with a few Republicans in one congressional district or might it be resonating with Democrats, as well and in more than just a single district.

I am tired of the Congress that cannot get out of its own way.  I am tired of a Senate that is held hostage by its Senate Leader, I am tired of a rogue White House that is above every law we can think of with the possible exception of the laws of gravity so far as we know.

I have been quite dialed in to politics, not overly and outwardly active, but tuned in so as to think I knew what was going on.  I am so turned off at this point; I cannot begin to describe the feeling.  If I am in that place, there must be a lot more who are also there with me.  They would be those who pay attention and who are fed up with the inability of this Congress to even hold the President accountable.  Those who recognize that the more people receive from their government, the more likely they are to continue to keep that government in office so they can garner even more, must also be concerned like me.


Maybe that was the magic of Dave Brat and his campaign theme.  Maybe he scratched that itch for enough voters to dump Eric Cantor on his behind so unceremoniously.

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