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Changing Face of the Law

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The legal question about how marriage ought to be defined seems destined to continue on for years to come.  I have this overly simplistic, obviously ill-thought concept (according to some) that marriage is to be between one man and one woman simply because that is what the Bible tells me is the way this works.

Then, I realize that much of the disagreement about how to define marriage also involves churches that supposedly use the same Bible that I read.  That has also been going on for years and will likely continue for years to come.  Churches have been torn apart over this definition.  Churches will continue to be torn apart trying to have it both ways.

The ‘debate’ is sometimes intelligent and at other times simply a matter of plugging one’s ears and continuously chanting one’s position as loudly as possible.  I see the rush to make hay while the sun shines on Federal Judge Barbara Crabb’s decision with some County Clerks only too happy to comply with issuing marriage licenses while other County Clerks sit on the sidelines with, I’m sure, ugly looks directed their way.

The Milwaukee County Administrator told the press he would pay for the overtime cost from his own deep pockets for those issuing marriage licenses through the week-end.  That would seem to be a good indicator that he and I disagree on this matter.

I am willing to let each person make up his or her mind as to what the definition of marriage ought to be in their lives even as I believe some are terribly wrong in their decision.  I have no say about or control over what they decide except by casting a vote in the voting booth.  I guess I could parade around on the street corners with a sign over my shoulder professing my position but that would do nothing to change anyone’s opinion on this issue and would go a long way toward helping observers decide on my sanity or lack thereof.  This blog may well amount to having paraded around on a street corner with a sign on my shoulder.  So be it if that is the case.

I have realized that those in younger generations have differing ideas from my own about many different issues.  I had different ideas about things my elders disagreed with, too.   I have realized that I will be in the minority on some issues and in the majority on other issues, and that I’ll simply have to learn how to live with that.  It does seem, though, that I am slipping gradually into the minority on more and more issues.

Some of these differences involve relatively benign issues.  This debate seems to me to be about a spiritual question according to my beliefs, and that makes this something other than a benign issue for me.

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