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Lame Ducks Cost Big Bucks

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The lame duck status of the President seems to be upon him.  He is spending great amounts of time out-of-country which also means he is spending great amounts of money we could better use at home.  He is making decisions that seem to be about him rather than about us.  He is amassing mileage totals that will certainly attain a high position on the list of most travelled Presidents.

This President is trying to cement his place in the list of Presidents and he seems to be trying too hard.  He is beset with problems at home.  Maybe that is among the reasons he travels as much and as often as he does.  He threatens to have worn out this iteration of Air Force One by the time he leaves office.

He is doing things without even a thought about the Congress.  These things include, of course, things that Congress ought to have some say in even if that say so amounts to a rubber stamp.  This is simple protocol, the stuff of which Washington, D.C. is made.  Our President apparently could not care less if he offends the Congress.  He seems also to be unable to care less about what we think of him since he does little or nothing to try to improve his polling position.

He is having trouble finding someone gullible enough to take over the VA.  The Cleveland Clinic president apparently had a most rational moment and decided against accepting that appointment.  He has done a great job with the Cleveland Clinic and there is no reason for him to travel to Washington and become fodder for the press.  No reason other than to be able to say he served this President, and that apparently wasn’t sufficient enticement.

It has gotten to the point that whomever and whatever he touches seems to become almost instantly tarnished.  His appointees seem to have agreed to spout the White House line even though there seem some factual difficulties involved in such spouting.  Susan Rice is the perfect example of such a someone in her recently elevated position.  If one is unable to handle the need for prevarication there is little reason to accept an appointment.  She has long ago proven her abilities to handle that requirement, knowingly or unknowingly but she can handle it.

I can only hope that we as a country can afford all the globe-trotting that is yet to come.  Our economy really needs to come back big-time so there is sufficient tax money collected to replenish the travel account.  My other hope is this:  I hope that we can elect a next President for whom lavish spending is a seldom indulged occurrence.  This one threatens to bankrupt us all.

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