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Cast the First Stone?

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A toxicology report has been issued and still two parents are no longer with us.  Now we know better the cause but that does not change the outcome.  I’m sure there was speculation all the while up to this point.  That didn’t change a thing.  The toxicology report doesn’t change a thing.

This community has been behind the family members from the moment it learned of the tragic crash that left five youngsters without a Mom and without a Dad.  This community is still behind the family members and will continue to be there as the youngsters grow into young adults and make their own life decisions.

Let those among us who have never done anything they regret make whatever it is they wish to make of all this.  It changes nothing.  The need we all saw that morning after is still the need today.  If you are able to look yourself in the eye as you stand before a mirror and tell yourself you’re not being a hypocrite in any way as you pontificate, so be it.  You are a stronger person than am I.  I would be hypocritical.  Period.

So, the toxicology report that was probably, unfortunately, inevitable has been issued and we now understand better the cause of this tragedy.  That does nothing to obviate the fact that we need to continue to remember these five youngsters as well as their aunt and uncle and their two children, and as well as the parents and friends of those who are gone.

If anything, this tragedy should be even further indelibly etched in our minds to the point that we remember the family in our prayers continuously, that we ask for those left behind to be given the strength to move ahead with their lives, and that we thank the Lord for His love of those of us who least deserve that love if our lives and our actions are to be the sole determinant.

If you feel that you can cast the first stone, I am saddened for you.

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