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What Were They Thinking? Who Knows?

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Parents of the two twelve-year old girls who were arrested for the stabbing of their ‘friend’ nineteen times must be wondering what in the world went wrong.  I cannot imagine the anguish they are feeling nor can I imagine the number of times they’ve asked themselves what they could’ve done to avoid this tragedy.

Is it possible for two twelve-year olds to conjure up such a plan and actually try to reach the conclusion they apparently planned?  The obvious answer is yes, it is possible.  These two have proved that it is possible.  It is sadly too true.

Think for a moment about the victim, the young lady who thought she was with friends but who then was stabbed nineteen times by her “friends” who told her they wanted to kill her.  That she’ll be traumatized to one degree or another by this experience for the rest of her life is very likely. 

This experience might well color the rest of her life, and that coloring can result in either something good arising from the experience or something less-than-good arising from the experience.  We are assuming that she will recover fully, but there is no reason to conclude that she’ll be 100% physically since we do not know the extent and nature of her wounds. 

At the very least, she will carry physical and emotional scars with her for the rest of her life.  True, maybe the physical scars can be dealt with surgically but the emotional scars are another matter.  Will she ever be able to move beyond this experience and really trust another person who claims to be her friend?  Will she be able to love as deeply as she might have without this experience haunting her?

The Waukesha County District Attorney has initially charged the two as adults even though they are twelve.  He reasons that this heinous crime is the act of adults, and he tells us that to charge them as the juveniles they are would let them walk away from the crime at the age of 25 according to current state law.  This will no doubt be seen by some as related to the political goals of the DA, but I trust that he is rightfully incensed and wants true justice to prevail.

If sentenced as adults, will they be locked up with adults or will they be kept away from adults until they reach the age of majority to protect them?  That is simply one of many very difficult questions this crime raises.  Will the parents be charged with something as the result of being unaware of this heinous plan that had been hatched?  Or, are they already suffering enough for whatever role they played or didn’t play?

Very simply put, there is nothing good about this.  The fact that the young victim seems likely to recover at least physically is about the best thing to come from this crime.  And that is not something about which we can be certain either.

It is at times such as this that I am thankful for being an observer and not a participant.  I’d never wish this on any parent.  I’d never wish the DA’s role on anybody even though we elect them to handle anything and everything that comes their way.  I respect those who are willing to take this role.

It is at times like this that I simply can do no more than to pray for all the people involved and to ask for forgiveness of the young girls by the victim and her family, and that the family of the accused girls make their sorrow known to the victim and her family and to seek their forgiveness.

This is one of the things we see on occasion for which there is simply no good answer.

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