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Impeachment? Really?

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There is a word that is used cautiously, or should be, with regard to our sitting President.  That word is “impeachment”. 

This President permits a Marine to sit in a Mexican jail when it seems obvious to the world that this Marine does not belong in that Mexican jail.   A simple telephone call would end that incarceration.  We are, after all, the only thing keeping those in Mexico in power.

But this same President “engineers” a five-to-one swap for an American infantryman who, by all reports, deserted to the Taliban’s protection.  And he tries to make us believe this is an innocent thing that we ought to celebrate and/or for which we ought to thank him profusely.

Is this sort of a lopsided situation?  Would you, as President, have hesitated for a moment to pick up the telephone and talk with the President of Mexico to get this young Marine out of jail?  Do you think for a moment that a simple telephone call wouldn’t have caused the Mexican jail doors to open and let that innocent Marine walk out and drive back to the United States?

This is the President of the United States, Mr. Bluster and Bravado we’re talking about.  He can make it rain if he wishes or so he thinks, and he can certainly pick up the telephone and threaten to wreak havoc on those countries that defy our wishes…especially since we financially support the vast majority of those countries.

Then, we have this situation in the Middle East and our President has to suddenly make a five-to-one trade just to get this kid released?  Give me a break.  This is a demonstration of where our President’s head is at.  If there is a situation that is bad for one of our soldiers or marines, he seems to be forgetful that he has this magic telephone that he brags about.  So, we have, what, for all intents and purposes at the moment at least, is a deserter who just walked away from his post.  His fellow soldiers suffered death and/or injury as they searched diligently to find and rescue him.  This deal is a part of our President being able to say he has done away with Guantanamo. No matter the problems that causes our country for he won’t be around when that payment becomes due. 

Our President makes all kinds of bravado statements, but there is no there there.  He is simply posing for holy pictures thinking that we, his loyal subjects are so enamored with him that we will fail to see the real picture.  He walks regally from the Oval office to the microphone or to the helicopter and that is the end all and be all.

This is a terrible situation made even worse by this ‘know nothing’ President.  This President has thumbed his nose at the laws that govern his Presidency.  He doesn’t think that the Congress has any authority over his actions…and this Congress seems to agree in that it does nothing but screech and holler every once in a while.

We are the new laughing stock of the world and our president has caused that condition to become evident.  If he is not to be impeached, then at the very least he needs to be made impotent by the Congress, most of who are his staunch supporters.  If that isn’t to occur, then the voters of our great country have to come to the polls and make these changes in a most decided fashion.

But, are the voters of this great country nearly as great as their country?  They really make one wonder.  They have to recognize that it isn’t just President Barack Obama that makes their entire largess possible; it is all of us paying our taxes that fund the largess.

As a matter of fact, if President Barack Obama continues in office, we taxpayers may simply say “no more”.  Gravy trains tend to derail when they get too lopsided.

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